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House Of Horrors Tattoo Company, Darlington, United Kingdom. 01325 787667


01325 787667


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Please note that the price per hour or the hourly rate is used as a guide for comparison purposes and is only applied in certain circumstances.


Quotes are estimated to reflect the standard of work and skill involved in creating your custom tattoo, to keep our pricing fair we do not negotiate, entertain haggling or give special treatment and or preferences.


We will never give you a quote or take any deposit if we feel your ideas cannot be achieved to our standard and or your ideas conflict with our integrity as professional artists.







Consultation  |  Free  |

Studio Minimum Charge  |  £40 Upfront Payment  |

Deposits*  |  £60  |

Touch ups**  |  Start From £30  |

Hourly Rate***  |  £60  |

Half Day  |  £180, Circa 3hrs  |

Full Day  |  £360, Circa 6hrs  |




*All deposits are non-refundable. Full t & c’s available in store and online. **We only touch up work undertaken at HOH.  Full details about our touch up policy available on request. ***Hourly Rate only applies to ongoing work, minimum 3hrs, unless work is to be complete in less time.





Quotes and Estimates


Many factors determine the price and speed in which a tattoo is completed and this is why we offer estimated quotations and not an exact price.* Additionally, although we do not charge for the creation of our custom designs the work involved in the designing process is taken into consideration.


The cost of one off custom pieces is determined by the work involved and not necessarily by time, the hourly rate in this situation does not apply but may be used loosely as a guide to keep pricing fair.


In the instance a custom piece requires more than one sitting this will be classed as ‘ongoing’ and therefore the hourly rate applies, unless otherwise agreed.



Where the Hourly Rate does apply this is time spent with the Artist, and includes stencil time, design alterations, skin preparation, and any breaks taken. The Hourly Rate only applies to ongoing work, minimum 3hrs with Senior artist and 2hrs with Junior artist, coverups and reworks.


Please appreciate that although we endeavour to give you the most accurate quotation possible, prices may vary slightly.


*  exceptions include pre agreed prices in certain pieces i.e flash designs, hands, portraits and pre drawn pieces.





Pricing Continued


The following prices are offered by the assumption they are completed in one sitting.


Hands (full coverage)  |  £250  |

Portraits  |  £250 - £300  |

Script on knuckles  |  £150 - £200  |

Throats  |  £200 - £300  |

Face/Palm  |  From £100  |

Pre drawn priced designs*  |  Priced Individually  |







Coverups and reworks will be charged at the hourly rate only and may take longer than a normal tattoo due to the complexity and extra time taken in preparation, care, design and application.


You must pay for all works done that day in full on the day of the procedure, if you require additional sittings you will be required to go through the booking/deposit process again and will be charged accordingly on your next sitting. We can retain a rolling deposit, however time will never carry over.


*pre drawn designs may have special terms attached to them, i.e number of sittings required, length of time between sittings, please check individual terms and conditions.